Taking Advantage of a Little Free Time, on a Budget

When we all arrived to England, and eventually our hostel, we were promised excellent weather by many a passer-by. Brightened by said promise, Erin, Emily, Katharine, and I ventured out for a day of exploration and sunshine. We were met by typical England weather, grey and wet. Naturally, we all thought that the rain would keep the crowds indoors. Silly us forgot that this is a holiday weekend and a Saturday. Many people, much like ourselves, had all the time in the world to wait in hour long lines queues for the Natural History Museum and trounce through the rain.

A lovely advantage to doing the touristy thing in London is that most of the museums free and once you can figure out the bus system, it is easy and inexpensive to get around. We made up our own walking/riding tour and had a grand old time. We saw Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby, the Supreme Court building, Big Ben and the connected Parliament, one of the many bridges, a Marriott hotel that resembled a palace, several statues, important people on horse back, soggy guards who did not change posts with their dryer counterparts, and more of the Victoria & Albert Museum

Anyways, it was a lovely day. We are all trying to dry our soaking pants, socks, and shoes, (none of us have purchased rain boots rubbers yet.) Strangely enough, many of the damp pedestrians weren’t wearing them either. I spotted several pairs of heels, one pair of uggs, lots of sandals, and a wide variety of sneakers and dress shoes.)

We ended out small reunion with wafflemeister and coffee.


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