Do you have $3, £3 or €3?

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200Dear Family, Friends and Subscribers,

This has been an exciting year of mission and learning with an adventure or two thrown in, and I couldn’t have experienced any of it without you. Through interviews and stories, I’ve met a struggling mother in Uganda who turned a hobby into a business. I watched a doctor mold the minds of her students to see their dying patients as people in need of care instead of breathing corpses. I’ve sat back in wonder at the way pigs can unite villages that, only six years ago, were scarred by massacres.

Through my time here at BMS, I have heard and told amazing stories and I need your help to continue. I know that for many, money is tight, which is why I am not asking for too much. Unfortunately, my family and I cannot cover the entire cost of me volunteering for another year, and I need some help.

You can help me continue this amazing work and telling these inspiring stories by doing two things:

Donating $3 £3 or €3 (or more if you are able)


Sharing my message with your friends

You’re probably wondering, ‘what good will $3 do?’ The answer is, ‘a lot more and $0.’ Every donation, big or small, gets me close to the $4,000 goal. Yes, it is a lot, but with your support, I know it’s possible.

Thank you for believing in me and what I’m doing and for going on this journey with me.

Yours truly,



Can you help?

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200Can you help?

Dear Family, Friends and subscribers,

Thank you so much for following my journey from Chicago until now and traveling across the pond with me. After a few months of talks with Time for God (TFG) , BMS World Mission (my placement site), Young Adults with Global Mission and my family, my request to stay on for another year has been granted.

I fell in love with BMS, the family I have found here and this country, despite the rain. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to use my skills to serve wide range of people and tell their inspiring stories. (Interested in what I do? Check out the list of links under My BMS Articles!) I cannot put into words what this experience has meant to me and how thankful I am for the opportunity to continue giving, learning and sharing with the BMS family.

It was wonderfully easy to fall in with the group of inspiring, talented and passionate people I have met here. So I decided to stay, and thankfully, they decided to keep me.

But now I need your help. To continue serving with BMS through TFG, I have to raise some money. Approximately $3,800 or £2,270.

Can you help me to serve for another year by donating and sharing this link? Any little bit helps and $10, $25, $50, $100 can go a long way.

So help me to serve others, gain experience, learn more and give back.


My sincerest thanks,